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Terms and Conditions

The following assumptions have been made about your project, which will affect proposal items including, but not limited to: cost estimates, results, production schedule, and project staff.

– Studio Prime will perform the services with quality, in a timely manner and in everything according to the specification and agreement with the client.

– The client undertakes to enable Studio Prime to work on system and web portal maintenance by providing information necessary for work.

– The client provides all content related to the site or other service after the approval of the project.

– The material, images and texts received from the Client are under the jurisdiction of the Client of the services, who is responsible for all copyright and other rights on them and remain the client’s intellectual property.

 The website structure, website, graphic elements, technical drawings and content created and maintained by Studio Prime for the needs and account of the Client are owned by the Client.

– All documents, e-mails, passwords, material and all technical, commercial, financial and other information that has not become public, whether written or oral, should be treated as confidential and that information will not be used for other purposes or disclosed to third parties or to legal entities without the express written consent of the other party.

– Studio Prime cannot guarantee or promise any placement in search engines, nor high representation and traffic in search engines.

– The text should be submitted in the MS Word document.

– The company logo should be submitted in vector format .EPS, .AI, .CDR or in .PNG format high resolution, transparent background.

– Photos should be submitted in high resolution .JPG, TIFF, PSD or RAW format.

– Each project is considered approved after the client’s audit.

– Studio Prime at the request of the client, provides research and assistance regarding the Premium theme, plugins, technologies, stock photos which will be used for the web or other project.

– Studio Prime will solve all problems related to errors only after launch within 30 days after activating the site live. After that period, it is charged per working hour. If client have web maintenance contract he is exempt from additional costs.

– If the client makes any changes to the website code or hosts on servers that are not approved by Studio Prime, which leads to problems with the website and / or vulnerabilities, Studio Prime will not be responsible for correcting the error without receiving compensation for time and material.

– Expenses for premium theme, stock photos and other services such as hosting, domain, premium plugins are 100% in advance. Payment for our services are 50% in advance and the final payment is due before the launch of the website project or any other project.

– If the client does not pay an advance of 50% within 7 days for the billed service, the project is considered cancelled.

– During the work, there may be unforeseen costs, which the client is obliged to pay during the work on the project and before its completion, e.g. premium plugins, additional settings and pages outside the scope of the project, custom programming, additional elemenents design, photo editing, stock photos,…

– Cancellation of the web design or other service within 15 working days after the conclusion of the deal: the 20% deposit due at the time of the conclusion of the deal is non-refundable.

– If the client orders a website, online store or other services from Studio Prime and does not respond, or does not deliver the material within 15 working days, the project is considered canceled and the advance payment is not returned.

– The development of the website or other projects will be considered completed after the last payment, putting the website into Live operation and handing over the final material to the client.

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